Elaine was often told that she had the ability to heal, yet took little notice until actually having to overcome the experiences of her own traumatic accident (where she broke her back). Miraculously, this life event managed to force her onto to her current path that most probably, she was always destined to lead – that of healing.

Prior to Elaine's accident, she was extremely busy leading a demanding role within the “Big Corporate World” as an executive in the field of European marketing. After studying a business and languages BA (Hons) degree, Elaine rapidly achieved great success in her various marketing positions – she thought she was living her dream. Following such an unfortunate incident, it would be very natural to think that such an “upheaval” would be the end of the road, particularly at a time when everything seemed to be going so well. Ironically, it was this very experience that actually withdrew Elaine back to her own hidden strengths; Elaine firmly believes that everything happens for a reason – good and bad.

After having to face such adversity in her own life, Elaine now uniquely believes that not only can she offer the healing experience, but she also feels she can demonstrate the required understanding, compassion, positivity and strength to assist in your wellbeing. With Elaine‚s emergence from the business and corporate environment, she feels that this has equipped her with the necessary tools and abilities to understand and relate to the demands and pressures such an environment can bring to individuals. Having been the recipient of the “healing experience”, in addition to adopting a well- balanced lifestyle, Elaine firmly believes that with vast amounts of willpower and pure determination, this has all managed to now lead her to her own full recovery. Consequently, Elaine personally appreciates the significant role that healing can play and assist, in order to bring oneself back into balance, which ultimately can play an imperative role to restore one's health.