Crystal healing

Crystal healing is available in the privacy of your own home. Elaine will ask you a series of past medical history questions, followed by a discussion re: a treatment focus/plan. You will then be asked to lie on the couch fully clothed (due to the energy of the crystals, clothes do not have to be removed). She will then begin to tune into your energies and sense what your body is in need of energetically. Elaine will begin to cleanse your body and aura of any blockages, toxins or negative energies. Where necessary, she will also work on meridian and reflexology points. After which time, certain crystals will be selected and positioned directly on and around your body, this may include a specific treatment, which involves laying out crystals in a particular pattern.

After this process, Elaine will then hold your head, where she works on channelling and transmuting positive energy throughout the whole of your body. Finally she moves to your feet, where she completes the exchange of energy.

It is not uncommon to drift off into a light sleep during the treatment. Similarly, one can often feel a slight tingling and a hot or cold sensation - this is the energy of the crystals and the channelling of Elaine’s healing.

Elaine may also recommend the use of flower essence or the use of a personal crystal to enhance and/or support the healing process.

Elaine strongly believes in self empowerment. If appropriate, she will give advice and tools to stay protected within one’s own energy field to prevent one from becoming negatively affected by another person and how to improve the energy in one’s home and/or working environment.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing compliments conventional medicine by channelling life energy to the patient in order to help them recover from illness, injury or distress. Healing energy can be directed by the healer’s consciousness and may flow through the hands over any distance.

This spiritual energy can help speed up the natural healing process of the body and improves recovery time.

Spiritual healing is a natural energy that flows through the healer to the subject being healed. You do not have to believe in it for it to work and no religious faith is required.

Both crystal and spiritual healing are natural energies and therefore can be used alongside conventional medicines and therapies.

Aurum ManusĀ® massage

Using warmed oils and crystal spheres, certain points and meridians on the body are stimulated in specific combinations, includes working on the face, creating a magnificent glow.

House cleansing/energising

Elaine can help to rid and improve the flow of stagnant energy of the home or specific rooms. She will also be able to assist in recommending and the placement of crystals for optimum energy flow. Thus, bringing renewed harmony, balance and peace to the room/s.


Tailored individual or group healing, therapies, talks, consultations, seminars and workshops.

Elaine’s experience and knowledge of working in a corporate background enables her to offer tailored made therapies and bespoke packages to help either individuals or groups, targeting stress reduction, illness and absenteeism. This will ultimately have an overall positive effect on work productivity and the working environment - the workforce will work to the best of their ability in optimum state of mind and health.

Additionally, Elaine works in conjunction with an adept team of alternative therapists and health experts. If necessary they can be brought in to work alongside her to ensure unsurpassed results.

Environment cleansing/energising

Elaine provides energy cleansing for offices/buildings to alleviate negativity and “sick building syndrome” – a condition associated to an environment which has become too stagnant with negative energy.

She is also able to advise/recommend the placement of crystals around the work place to improve positive energy, wellbeing and productivity.