Mike says

“If you get from this experience what I got, then you will be as lost as I am for simple words to express a hundred thousand feelings into one testimonial. Truly remarkable and impossible, to describe simply. I went as a first timer to Elaine. I had heard that they work but I was a skeptic, not 100% but you know how it is. You want to believe but you feel silly. At the time I had been through the worst break up I had ever experienced. I felt pain I never knew existed and discovered parts of me I never knew I had. I was mentally in trouble and physically I didn't really care. That's the background. Anyway, after being grounded and protected I drifted into my thoughts. And I was happily drifting along until I felt the ice cold hands or icicles on my neck, at the time I flintched in shock and shivered. Two minutes later and my solar plexus was on fire. One extreme to the next. It was all so very different. Not sure but maybe an hour later it was over. I felt tired and my solar plexus was now hurting or healing, or both. Three days later I was back to me, the old me, the pre pained me. I couldn't believe it. It was like I had walked through a wall that closed behind me and held pain. I was walking free again. If you doubt this will work for you that's fair, it may not I can't say it will, I cannot promise you will feel like I did but if you get from this experience what I got then you will be as I am lost in words and trying to express a hundred feelings into one testimonial.”

Phil says

For some time now Elaine has been working on me using her therapeutic and holistic skills to help me with many aspects of my life. She is a very skilled therapist and in all the sessions I have attended I have felt a truly beneficial outcome from them all. Elaine’s demeanour and experience means that she only knows how to be professional in all aspects of her work. Over the years I have seen her grow beyond her potential and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for all of the work that she does. I have enjoyed such positive energy from being her patient and would encourage everyone to experience the same.